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Kidney Conditions in San Francisco

Kidneys are the bean-shaped organs that remove excess water and waste from the body, which is then emitted through urine. Also ensuring the body has enough red blood cells; they are vitally important organs.

Kidney conditions, such as renal fusion, kidney stones, and kidney cancer, can be painful and scary. Our urologists have over two decades of experience treating a wide variety of kidney conditions, and they will walk you through each step of the diagnosis, treatment, and recovery to ensure that you are comfortable and confident in your care.

We see many patients experiencing renal fusion, or horseshoe kidney, in which the kidneys fuse during fetal development and form a ā€œUā€ shape. The condition may cause pain, nausea, kidney stones, and urinary tract infections. While horseshoe kidney can not fully be cured, antibiotics may be administered or surgery may be ordered to treat infections or remove kidney stones. If no symptoms are present, however, treatment may not be necessary.