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GreenLight™ Laser Therapy of the Prostate in San Francisco

For men with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), an enlarged prostate causes pressure on the urethra and trouble urinating. When more conservative treatment options for BPH have been unsuccessful, GreenLight™ Laser Therapy is a minimally invasive procedure to improve urine flow.

Using high power laser energy, the enlarged prostate tissue that is obstructing urine flow is removed effectively and with low risk of complications. The laser is also able to seal surrounding blood vessels during the procedure, leading to far less bleeding than in traditional surgeries. Normal day-to-day activities can typically be resumed within a few days, leading to significant relief of symptoms in the first one or two weeks.

Dr. Hernandez and Dr. Grady are proud to offer the new GreenLight™ Laser Therapy for their patients suffering from BPH, and they have the practiced expertise to diagnose the condition, advise on the options, and perform these procedures with minimum risk and high success. If you are suffering from urinary symptoms as a result of BPH, call our office and have a conversation with our urologists about your options.